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Zhoushan Tuff stone production line
Zhoushan Tuff stone production line

Tuff hardness is slightly higher than limestone, and the main component of quartz, has a certain corrosion, so the main choice of wear resistant, corrosion-resistant jaw broken, cone broken for coarse and medium broken.Fine sand making machine mainly chooses impact sand making machine, not only high efficiency, but also good grain type.
Fixed configuration: ZSW490*110 vibration feeder +PE750*1060 jaw crusher + transfer bin +PSG1300 cone breakage +HXVSI-1140+3YK1854

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Cate Characteristic

  • 1: Short construction period and quick production
    The four major districts started at the same time, many construction machinery were intensively operated for more than 10 hours a day, and more than 70 construction team members worked alternately day and night, finally fulfilling the customer's expectations and completing the project planning on schedule. Generally speaking, some manufacturers accept this engineering quantity project, and the progress may still be in the factory construction stage.
    2: Energy saving and cost reduction
    For the production line with output of 1500-1800TPH, DM Industry only uses 12 vibrating screens, which completes the pre-screening effect. Many other manufacturers in the same industry with the same output need to use 20 vibrating screens. Moreover, our production line design has reduced the power by 1100KW, reducing the customer's operating costs. In addition, the production line design of Shibang Industrial also saves the length of the belt conveyor. Scientific and reasonable production line settings have reduced customer investment costs and saved maintenance costs for wearing parts.
    3: Reliable quality and stable operation
    The equipment of Shibang Industrial has been running smoothly, and all the data have met the contract requirements. However, a cone-shaped breakage in the production line of a certain manufacturer has failed, resulting in only 50% of the expected output. Strong scientific research and processing strength is the key to ensuring product quality!